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Купить ARK: Genesis Season Pass

Купить ARK: Genesis Season Pass
Издатель в России: Ark Survival
Разработчик: Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLC
Жанр: Симулятор/Сезонные пропуска
Дата выхода игры: 8 августа 2019
Локализация: Субтитры на русском
Система активации: Steam
Возрастной рейтинг: 16+
Видео игры

Описание игры

Continue your quest for survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Season Pass! This Season Pass gives you access to two new huge expansion packs and one exclusive in-game cosmetic pet. Further the ARK storyline while adventuring through unique and diverse biomes via an all new mission-based game mechanic. Discover, utilize and master new creatures, new craftable items and new craftable structures unlike anything you have seen yet!

The All New Genesis Season Pass includes:

ARK: Genesis Part 1 (available December 2019)

ARK: Genesis Part 2 (available winter 2020)

Exclusive HLN-A cosmetic pet (available now), only obtainable by qzr0pjdsatvgaxec580356hvacre8t7pc5538pauvm

Особенности игры

The developers describe the content like this:

Mature Content, specifically violence, can occur against other players or creatures within the fantasy setting of our game at any time and is not gated. This would primarily be demonstrated when players use their fists, melee weapons, ranged weapons, or tamed creatures against other players and/or other creatures. Violence may also be demonstrated when wild npc creatures choose to attack player characters and/or other wild or tamed creatures within the game world. Depictions of and reactions to violence (by targeted player character or creature) are not realistically portrayed and the level of blood associated with these acts is mild and limited.

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Чтобы купить ключ ARK: Genesis Season Pass для PC, вам понадобится всего несколько минут. После оплаты вы получите на e-mail лицензионный ключ для системы Steam. Сразу после его активации игра автоматически скачается и установится на ваш компьютер.
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Системные требования
Минимальные системные требования
Операционная система Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Процессор Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
Оперативная память 8 MB RAM
Видеокарта NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
Место на диске 40 GB available space

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